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From the beginning, I had focused on the idea that the concept of dusk is quite neglected and even misunderstood as a general concept. Dawn – that’s very commonplace. For example, “break of dawn” is always heard and used – but there’s no such thing as “break of dusk”.


From this, my initial ideas played with the mistaken identity of dusk as being the same as sunset (which it is not). Googling the word “dusk” throws up a glut of photos of the orange and purples of sunset, when dusk actually refers to the initial darkness immediately after the sun drops below the horizon.


And maybe it is this lack of knowledge of the true meaning which results in the neglect of the word. So I turned to the people who know words – authors and writers. I sought inspiration from literary lights who may be able to give me novel ways to think about the word and what I found was that even in the world of literature, “dusk” is a relatively-ignored idea. But I did find two phrases which struck quite an abstract chord with me and the use of typographic manipulation is an attempt to link to the literary nature of my concepts.

“The whisper of the dusk is night shedding its husk”

This is a line taken from a piece by poet Dean Koontz, who often wrote about dark and taboo topics. There are quite dark and even occult images which come to mind when thinking about this phrase and my concept uses typography to represent the idea of “night” shedding “dusk”. The horror route would have been quite an obvious tone to adopt considering the origins of the phrase but I did feel that it may have felt to be quite a strenuous and forced look and concept to go with this. So the final solution is rather muted in terms of the connection with horror.

“Outside, daylight was bleeding slowly towards dusk”

This line comes from the book “Running Man” by Stephen King, one of the world’s foremost horror authors. And although the horror connotations are immediately obvious, I was not too keen in focussing on the horror aspect, in keeping with the more abstract and muted tone of my designs. So for the “bleeding” aspect, I thought about bleeding ink, rather than blood, and the final solution shows the muddle process of bleeding from one word to another. The contrast of the two halves add to the atmosphere of the piece while creating a harmony and balance through the design.

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